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Trusted Providers for Home Care and Companion Services

90 Seconds To Quality Care

Welcome to 

Sweet homemaker

& companion agency!

We are proud to be one of Connecticut's most trusted providers for home care and companion services.


Sweet Homemaker & Companion Agency delivers professional and compassionate home care assistance services through Virginia's Veteran Homecare Program. We are also a United Way Gemma E Moran Food Pantry and a registrant of 211CT

Home Care Agency

Our Personal Home Care Services Are Customized to Your Needs!


med reminders

Based on our client's requirements,

we will assist with the application of medication that they should be taking. 

Home Care Agency


We can arrange for transportation and escort services for our clients to take them wherever they want. This includes going to the supermarket or to the doctors. 

Home Care Agency


Our caregivers will make sure our clients are taking care of their health by promoting appropriate exercises (such as yoga) and setting up a nutritious diet.

Home Care Agency

HomeMade meals

If our clients have difficulty cooking their own meals, our caregivers will gladly help cook healthy homemade meals that are nutritious and good tasting! We take into account food allergies and other food sensitivities.

Home Care Agency

Meal Plans

We can help our clients make healthy homemade meals by making plans based on their diet, but we can also have meals delivered. Cooking and grocery shopping can be done daily or can be done for extended days.

Home Care Agency


We not only treat our clients with love but we also have full-on conversations to show them we care and we hear them. We are available to be apart of our client's lives outside

their home too; going to the movies, shopping, etc,

We Care for

our veterans!

At Sweet Homemaker & Companion Agency, we want to thank all of our veterans by giving them our support and care. We will treat them with the same respect, kindness, and compassion we give to our other clients.

Licensed, Insured, and Bonded

Sweet Homemaker & Companion Agency accepts major insurance providers and private customers

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Home Care Agency
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Maintaining the quality of life through independence at home. Contact us today for more information!

Niantic CT 06357
Tel (860) 451-8237
Fax (860) 451-8238


What is Sweet Homemaker & Companion Agency?

Sweet Homemaker & Companion Agency delivers professional and compassionate home care and companion services through Virginia's Veteran Homecare Program. We are licensed, bonded and insured. Sweet Homemaker & Companion Agency is a United Way Gemma E Moran Food Pantry and a registrant of 211CT. We are a grant recipient of Neighbor for neighbor community foundation of Eastern CT and a participating partner of General Dynamic Electric Boat. Our Guide Star Rank is Bronze.

What areas does your business cover?

Sweet Homemaker & Companion Agency is based in Niantic, CT, and we have a service area from the shoreline area up to West Hartford and into the middle of Connecticut. However, our team can serve you anywhere in Connecticut if the need arises. 

Is your Home Care Agency 24 hours?

We are not a 24-hour agency, but we will always be there for you or loved ones if our caregivers are needed! 


How can I reach your company after hours?

You can reach Sweet Homemaker & Companion Agency by giving us a call at (203) 715-1758. If you have our services, you might be able to get in touch with the caregiver that is assigned to you.


How long will it take to actually be a part of your services?

You can expect immediate attention to your inquiry about using our home care service when you contact us through the form on our website or by giving us a call and you will be connected directly to the owner!


Do you screen your caregivers?

Sweet Homemaker & Companion Agency does thorough background checks on all of our caregivers and home health aides. We want to give our clients the best care and experience while also giving them peace of mind in their own homes.


How long have you been a Home Care Agency?

We have been a Home Care Agency for almost a decade. Sweet Homemaker & Companion Agency is one of Connecticut's most trusted providers for home health care and companionship. We are proud to serve the state of Connecticut!


What is Home Care?

Home Care is when you can get support and care from home from our trusted, experienced, and passionate caregivers. The services we provide are customized to fit your health-related needs.


What is the difference between Home Care and Home Health Care?

Home care is what we, Sweet Homemaker & Companion Agency, do. We go to our clients home and provide them with PCA (Personal Care Assistant) services that are non-medical but are health-related. Our caregivers and health aide workers make sure that our clients are in the right state of health, body and mind, through daily activities, such as exercising and going out into town, eating properly with meal plans, and daily medicine reminders. Home Health Care is when a certified, experienced health care worker, such as a nurse, comes to a client's home and helps them recover from an illness, surgery, injury, etc.

How much does Home Care cost?

Each Home Care plan is different. We recommend contacting us to see which customizable plan works for you!


How can I pay for Home Care services?

Typically, using insurance such as Medicare or Medicaid works the best, but there are programs and other ways to pay. These would include using a credit/debit card, using private health insurance (if applicable), or if you are a veteran you can go through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to apply for their VA Benefits. Contact us today to find out which one works for you!


Does your agency support and assist veterans?

Sweet Homemaker & Companion Agency gives 100% support to our veterans! We are a Vet Assist approved home care agency and we guarantee to treat them with the same respect, compassion, and care that we give our other clients.


Who needs Home Care?

Those who need Home Care usually have trouble with daily activities, such as getting around the house or going out. Most clients are elderly, but they can also be younger individuals who have underlying health problems. Our services really depend on the needs of the client!


Who qualifies for Home Care services?

Those who qualify for Home Care services will usually be approved by their insurances if there is a need. You can check out Medicare's guidelines to see if you qualify by clicking here.


Do you prepare a customized plan for each client?

We customize every plan for each client because everyone has different health needs. If you need home care, please do not hesitate to call us to see what plan works best for you!


Are there any specific services your business does not provide?

Sweet Homemaker & Companion Agency does not provide home health care at this time. This means we do not do bring in health care workers that are recommended by our client's physician. We have home health aides that will administer medicine, take temperatures, etc., but they are not qualified to do the job that a home health care worker can do for a client.


What are the advantages of Home Care?

The advantages of Home Care include: maintaining independence without interruptions from our client's daily life; personalized care and companionship by our dedicated home care workers; increased quality of life of our client's who can keep in contact with their family, friends, and pets; transportation that is available to take our client's to their doctor's appointment or to the grocery store; and assistance with medication and daily health care. 

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